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Main features for SHOP MANAGER

High quality software (sales point) Developed to manage sales, employees, invoices, debts, customers. Program specially designed to manage the sales processes in the stores, contains all the characteristics required to manage large and small stores. And here you can see the main features :


- Selling ​​products by barcode or searching the number or name of the products.

- Modify the quantities sold by scanning the barcode again or edit quantities.

- Possibility to open a new invoice to serve more than one client at the same time.

- Add discount for the total amount for the invoice.

- Cancel specific products from the invoice or cancel the entire invoice once.

- Inquire about product prices and quantities from the same sales screen.

- Sales records and the possibility to search between two dates or by product name or number or by categories and the possibility of printing reports.


- Add delete edit invoices.

- Searching invoices by date or by invoice number or by invoice status or by company distributed.

- Show all financial calculation for the bills, total invoices, paid values ​​and the value to be paid, for all invoices or according to search.

- Add products for specific invoice to connect it together so it easy to track it.

- Manage payments for invoices, add - delete - edit payments, specify payment method (cash - checks - debts) .

- Print detailed reports for the invoices and payments.


- Search for invoices by date(sales today - month - the year), invoice status or invoice number.

- Show all financial calculation for the invoices, total invoices, paid values ​​and the value to be paid, discount values for all invoices or according to search.

- Possibility to delete invoices knowing that all products and quantities will be returned to the stock.

- Possibility to edit sales invoices and change discount, return products or replace them.

- Reprint invoices and review them to customers at any time.


- Add Edit Delete suppliers information.

- View all invoices for selected vendor and their payments.

- Print reports.


- Add Edit Delete expenses records.

- Search for expenses between two dates or by name

- Show total value of expenses.

- Print reports.


- Add Edit Delete Expenses information.

- View all invoices for selected customer and manages their payments.

- Print reports.


- Fully integrated system for incoming and outgoing checks (add - edit - delete).

- Search for checks by the dates or bank name or according to the status of the check, due date or according to persons information.

- Update or delete cheques, will automatically update connected invoice payments.

- Print reports.


- View all goods and products in stock, and quantities.

- Add, modify and delete products and modify their quantities.

- Search for products by number, name or category.

- Show all the products that quantities less than specific selected number.

- Print reports.

barcode generator

- generate barcode labels including the name for the product and the price.

Damaged goods

- View all damaged goods and products in stock, and quantities.

- Add all damaged goods and reduce the quantity from the inventory.

- Show the quantity of damaged items and their prices.

- Search for damaged items by item number, name or category.

- Print reports.

Returned materials

- Show all materials are returned to distributors due to defects for replacement.

- Search for returned material by date, barcode number or customer information or by supplier or by status.

- Print reports.


- Show alerts if some products will expire soon.

- Search between two dates to show all the products that will expire in that period.

- Print reports.


- Change program language : Arabic - English - Hebrew.

- Change the printing paper size (A4 - 80mm) for reports.

- Change all the information for the business that appears on the invoice..


- Backup data (manually - Scheduled).

- System for staff powers, where you can determine the powers of each employee..

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