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Main features for Rent Manager

High quality program has been developed to manage the process of leasing shops, making business more profitable and productive by controlling the contracts, shops, renters ... etc. Here you can see the main features :


- Add, delete and Edit renters including all information..

- Possibility of adding an ID image to each tenant.

- Search for tenants in more than one way including date, ID number, name or country phone number.


- Add unlimited number of stores with the possibility to delete and modify them.

- Updating the status of the shop from empty to leased when registering shop for contract automatically.

- Search for shops in several ways, including shop number, area, floor, location and shop leasing status.

- Sort all shops by rental status.


- Possibility of leasing monthly or yearly.

- Link stores in contracts manually or through shops map.

- Search for contracts in several ways search by contract number or renter ID number, shop number, price,date(date added - expiration date).

- The program automatically changes contracts from active to expired based on date, and turned to red.

- Possibility to save a copy from contracts after signing it.

- Sort contracts according to use, trade, housing, restaurant or industrial.

- Possibility of having more than one contract for the same tenant and It is possible that the contracts are yearly or monthly.


- Payments are divided into monthly and yearly. Monthly payments are calculated automatically according to contract values ​​and number of months.

- possibility of paying the contracts on more than one payment and it will be deducted automatically from the contract value.

- possibility of displaying all payments of a particular contract with payments details.

- Search in contracts payments in more than one way : (monthly -yearly), search through the payment number or the name - ID number of the tenant or contract number or the shop number or in the dates.

- shown the number and total paid of payments for the contracts through the search process.


- Fully integrated system for incoming and outgoing checks (add - edit - delete).

- Search for checks by the dates or bank name or according to the status of the check,due date and according to persons information.

- Update or delete cheques, will automatically update connected contracts payments.


- Monitor and manage employee time and attendanceImprove timesheet accuracy and reduce unnecessary overtime hours.

- Decrease payroll errors by automatically transferring work hours to the payroll system.

- Calculate the salary value for a given month based on the number of hours worked and the hour price for each employee.

- Print reports.


- Add Edit Delete Expenses information.

- View all invoices for selected customer and manages their payments.

- Print reports.


- Full integrated financial report showing all details of the money (income - outgoing): Number of shops leased Number of contracts , sum of contracts payments (cash - cheque) and sum of additional payments, total salarys for employees, total expenses and final profits according to chosen period and more ...


- Show all shop locations on the map and show number of each shop.

- Show leased shops in green color and non-leased shops in red on the map.

- Show the contract details of the leased shop when passing the indicator of the mouse over the shop.


- Backup data (manually - Scheduled).

- A complete system for archiving all deleted information in the program: renters, shops, contracts, payments.

- Logged out automatically when the program are not used for certain time.

- System for staff powers, where you can determine the powers of each employee..

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