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Main features for Optical Manager

A high-quality program specifically designed to manage eyes examination stores to track eyes examinations and lens measurements, And managing financial information for customers and suppliers. It was built in C# language and sql databases. And here you can see the main features :


- Add unlimited numbers of customers and tests.

- Bring all the tests or client specific tests.

- Add details of all lens measurements of the right and left eyes.

- Clarification of financial operations for each examination.

- Print reports to lenses laboratories.

- Printing a bill to the customer includes examination information.


- Dark mode and white mode.

- Changeable theme with four colors.


- Backup data (manually - Scheduled).

- System for staff powers, where you can determine the powers of each employee..

You contact us for ordering this program in a 30-day trial period, Knowing that all program features will be available.
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