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Main features for Employees Manager

High quality software Developed to manage employees information containing their salaries, working hours and entitlements, works with fingerprint scanner and barcode 1D&2D codes or manually. And here you can see the main features :


- Automate time and attendance processes to reduce overall payroll costs.

- Monitor and manage employee time and attendanceImprove timesheet accuracy and reduce unnecessary overtime hours.

- Easy to use interface so all employees can use it without problems.

- In / Out time by fingerprint , 2D and 1D barcode scanning, NFC card.


- Multiple concurrent pay periods (e.g. monthly, bi-monthly; weekly, bi-weekly).

- Decrease payroll errors by automatically transferring work hours to the payroll system.

- Maintain payroll categories for various hour types (e.g. regular, overtime, shift) and absences (e.g. full, partial).

- Manage work hour exceptions (e.g. early or late arrival).

- Calculate the salary value for a given month based on the number of hours worked and the hour price for each employee.


- Dark mode and white mode.

- Changeable theme with four colors.


- Backup data (manually - Scheduled).

- System for staff powers, where you can determine the powers of each employee..

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