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Main features for Debts Manager

High quality software Developed to manage and organize suppliers and customers debts and their invoices and payments in full details way ( cash - cheques), and show reports, making business more profitable and productive by controlling the payments and debts.

main features :

- Insert all invoices for debts with an indication of the value of the invoice, the value paid and the value of the remaining payment.

- Issuing a receipt with the details of the invoice payments for the customer or the supplier shows the current payment and the previous payments.

- Profile for each customer or supplier who has debts, contains all the information and invoices and the total values of his bills (debt value - paid amounts - remaining amount paid) with the possibility of printing all details of his informations for review.

- Possibility to add a copy of the original invoice with full details as a picture, or scanning it directly from the scanner to the program.

- Search the invoices by name or phone number of the customer or supplier or by the payment status of the invoice (paid or unpaid) or search by date.

- Show total debt to customers and suppliers and filter them through the search process


- Fully integrated system for incoming and outgoing checks (add - edit - delete).

- Search for checks by the dates or bank name or according to the status of the check,due date, persons information.

- Update or delete cheques, will automatically update connected contracts payments.


- Backup data (manually - Scheduled).

- System for staff powers, where you can determine the powers of each employee..

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